Custom Designed Packaging
After celebrating our shop’s three year anniversary in September 2017, we had a better understanding of who we are, what we stand for, and what we wish to accomplish through our chocolates.  With a renewed sense of self, we worked with local designer and friend, Stacey Nomura, to create a truly special brand identity. We are very excited to introduce our packaging which has been a long awaited labor of love and a dream come true.


The Brown Box
When owner, Erin, first fatefully met her long-lost Uncle Colins, she described his truffles as the most beautiful chocolate jewels.  Since then, she knew she wanted to create a high-end “jewelry” box that would protect these delicate and delicious jeweled truffles.  Her vision was to have a rich, dark brown box that looked good enough to eat, but pretty enough to keep.

Remembering Choco le`a’s humble packaging beginnings, Erin looked to keep the fun and pop of color that adorned each box she had once made by hand in her home. She imagined that when the new luxurious brown box opened, her favorite shade of blue would create a bright and cheerful welcome. On the top of each box, would be the signature logo and company name, foiled in rich copper. Inside would be little detailed notes with messages that everything was “made with love.”

After fine tuning the new box design, Erin and Stacey created a number of box sleeves and bags to represent the various products.


Signature Peonies - Prosperity, Honor & Joy

The Signature line of our most popular items are identified by a highly valued flower, the peony.  Known as the flower of riches and honor, these lush and full peonies embody romance and prosperity.  This detailed floral design, which is Erin and Stacey’s favorite, also represents a happy marriage. Erin and her husband, Chris, wish not only to have a happy marriage, but to inspire more happy marriages, making this box a wonderful way to celebrate a bridal shower, marriage or anniversary.  The signature box can also be shared in times of one’s good fortune, to honor someone special, or when needing to show compassion. Our prayer is that every peony box that makes its way into homes around the islands and the world, will bless marriages and bring the recipients, all the things peonies represent – prosperity, honor and joy.


Island Inspired Palms - Victory & Peace

The Island line represents paradise and was inspired by the beauty and spirit of Hawai`i where we were born and raised. The palm along with our logo, is perfectly fitting to our company’s mission: “Bringing peace to our world, one chocolate at a time.” The island palm packaging is wrapped around the products inspired by flavors and ingredients from the islands and are our most popular omiyage, making their way around the world as gifts from locals and visitors traveling overseas.

Just like the many different cultures found in Hawai`i, there are many types of palm leaves and all kinds of chocolates that make up Choco le`a. A palm leaf is a symbol of victory and can be shared to congratulate someone’s success.

Also representing peace, we hope that those visiting our islands will find peace and take a little of it back with them. Just like our logo, the Koa`e `Ula, which can fly vast distances with power and grace, we hope to spread our wings and soar, to bring this world peace, one chocolate at a time.


Whimsical Seasonal Special

The Seasonal Special line contains our most whimsical and playful design of all things “Choco le`a.” From our logo bird, to cacao pods, flowers that are the same shapes as our truffles, and crosses to represent our Manoa shop’s white picket fence and company’s faith.  This design is the most playful, but was the most difficult to create.  However, it is appropriate for just what it will hold – inspiring, fun, and innovative creations by our chocolatiers.  You never know what will be in this box next…that’s why it’s called our seasonal special!


Wrapped Together with Leaves
In the Hawaiian tradition of ho`okupu, a gift thoughtfully packaged in ti leaves, the leaves from each of our three lines are printed in gold shimmer on vellum as they envelop the contents in all boxes. The word, “ho`okupu” means “to cause growth.”

One day we hope our bird will be able to grow to stand alone and all around the world, it would be recognized as a symbol of not only our artisan chocolates, but also of peace and love. It represents all that we hope for, for each recipient of our chocolates.  We pray that we can celebrate your victories with you, comfort you with compassion, and simply be a part of the fun with the gift of joy, peace and love.