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Current Promos
June Promo: We’re honoring dads, active or retired service men & women and senior citizens (65+)! This is your month!  Come into the shop and show us a picture of your kids, proof of service or photo ID with birth date and receive a free truffle on us!!!
Ongoing Promo: Spend $42, receive one FREE cooler bag!


Upcoming July Promos
For the month of July, our theme is “Love your neighbor.”  We believe the gift of chocolates can help sweeten relationships, and we are honoring all of our neighbors in Manoa as well as highlighting this community that we love being a part of!   

Free truffle if you live in Manoa
We love our community, so if you live in Manoa and you’re enrolled in our loyalty program, come into the shop and ask us to look you up.  We’ll gift you a FREE truffle! If you’re not yet enrolled, enroll HERE now. 

Free truffle if you work in Manoa
If you own a business or work in Manoa, show us proof of employment when you come in and we’ll gift you a FREE truffle!

Finally, if you are our neighbors and live/work in Manoa, you may receive a visit and gift from one of our Choco le`a Ambassadors!  We want to get to know all of you and thank you for being such great neighbors! We will also share what we love about you and all the things we love about Manoa via our Instagram @chocoleahawaii posts and MyStory.


Other Seasonal Specials
Solid Chocolate Bean Bags
Due to your continuous positive feedback, we are continuing to sell our solid chocolate bean bags (3.49) that you're all in love with!

Ice Chocolate
Available only on Saturday's, we replaced our seasonal special hot sipping chocolate & chips with something cooler for the summer! Try our new chocolate drink poured over your choice of ice or Kona coffee ice cubes, topped with whip cream and cacao nibs! Enjoy it right outside our shop in beautiful Manoa (3.99).


Choco le`a in Japan
We also love Japan and will be in Osaka selling our chocolates for the first time outside of Hawai`i! Come and visit us at the Hankyu Hawai`i Fair starting on Wednesday, July 4th through Tuesday, July 10th while supplies last.  We will have a few of our products available for sale, complimentary samples for our Instagram friends in Japan, and a FREE cooler bag promo!  Travel with us on another “Choco le`a Mission Trip” via our Instagram @chocoleahawaii & @chocoleawitherin


Seasonal Special Truffle Flavors
Every week, we will be introducing new seasonal special truffle flavors that YOU have been requesting.  Some of those favorites will include summer smores, blueberry crisps, lemonade, and banana split with a cherry center. We will also be introducing our perishable specials like fresh apple pie, fresh mochi and starting this week, our fresh haupia! Follow our Instagram @chocoleahawaii where we post daily!  

Kids Club Choco le`a
We’re launching our first Kids Club Choco le`a for kids 17 and under this summer!
-Strengthen bond between kid(s) and parent(s)

-Motivate kids to set and meet goals
-Reward and recognize their efforts and accomplishments

 example of some of the prizes kids may receive in our new kids club

example of some of the prizes kids may receive in our new kids club

How does it work?  

1. Set a Summer Goal and Share It With a Parent/Guardian
Come up with a goal of something you want to accomplish daily for four weeks to start a good habit. (Examples: Pick up dirty clothes off the floor daily. Read 4 books per day. Don’t fight with mom. Tell Dad something nice everyday. Do something kind for your brother/sister.). It does not need to be four consecutive weeks, but any four weeks you choose as lonas you sign up by July 31st and finish by August 31st.

2. Come into Choco le`a and sign up
For just $20, you will receive your Kids Club Choco le`a sticker chart & stickers, Choco le`a sticker, and cooler bag of your choice.

3. Make It A Sweet Summer
Work on your goal every day. You or your parent will decide if a sticker is deserved daily. At the end of each week, you can come in to Choco le`a for your exclusive chocolate surprise if you met your goal for at least 6 of the 7 days that week.  Continue to do this for 4 weeks.

Total chocolates and gifts that can be earned by the end of the program valued at $30
*If you’re unable to come in every week, you can pick up your prizes at your convenience, but remember that immediate and consistent rewards help to establish good outcomes!

4. Celebrate
At the end of your fourth week, show us your sticker chart! If it has at least 24 stickers out of 28, you will receive a fifth chocolate surprise and your Kids Club Choco le`a Certificate of Completion! We will also feature you on our social media if you’d like!

-Must love chocolates
-Must be 17 years old and under and accompanied with an adult to sign up AND redeem prizes
-Understands that all of our chocolates are made fresh in Manoa and may contain dairy, peanuts or other tree nuts.  

-No cheating. This is an honor system.
-This is a four week program and day #1 can begin anytime between June 1st - July 31st.  -Last set of prizes needed to be picked up by August 31st. 
-You can sign up a maximum of 2 times (2 sticker charts) per kid!


Bag Law
Beginning July 1st, per the new bill #59, FD1, CD3 by the City and County of Honolulu, we are required by law to charge a $0.15 bag fee for every handle shopping bag that you need for your chocolates.  The good news is you have a few options:

1. Purchase our beautiful Choco le`a handle paper bags for your gifts.
2. Spend just $42 and receive one FREE cooler bag on us!  
3. Bring in your Choco le`a cooler bag to the shop and ask us for bag credit before checkout and we will credit YOU!


Thank You Hawai`i
Finally, we were thrilled when we received the news that we were a finalist for the fourth year in a row since we opened our shop in the Star Advertiser’s Hawai`is Best!  We are truly honored to be recognized as “Hawai`i’s Best Local Chocolate Store” and thank you so much for your continued support.

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