New Year Cooler Promo
We have an amazing 2018 year-long promo (while supplies last) to THANK YOU for an amazing 2017! Spend a minimum $42 and receive one FREE cooler bag with every visit! Also, while shopping in our store, bring in your Choco le`a cooler bag and receive a $0.10 bag credit!

Valentine's Day Specials - "Love you a ChocoLOT!"
Pre-orders begin Thursday, 2/1 and end Saturday, 2/10.
Pick up on Thursday 2/8, Friday 2/9, Saturday 2/10, Monday, 2/12 (shop open special), Tuesday 2/13 or Wednesday 2/14.

Tentative Specials (Pre-orders recommended):

  • *18pc Valentine's Special Truffle Box - "Love You A ChocoLOT"  (39.99)
    Two of each of 9 AMAZING NEW truffles. Flavors: Virgin Lava Flow, Strawberry Nutella with Gold Luster, Italian Espresso, Cinnamon, Honey Caramel with Heart Sprinkles, Blood Orange, Cardamon Rosewater, Curry & Toffee. Will come gift wrapped and ready with a red ribbon & a little note inside. 
  • *4pc Valentine's Truffle Box - "Spice For Your Wife/Life" (9.99)
    Flavors: Lilikoi Jalapeno, Lava Flow, Cherry Liqueur & Canadian Ice Wine
  • Half Pound of Love - "Nuts For You / You Drive Me Nuts" (21.99)
    Strawberry macadamia nut clusters & dark chocolate almond bark dipped with white chocolate drizzle and heart sprinkles (Special instructions: Must be kept refrigerated.)
  • 2oz Heart Bag Dark Chocolate Dipped Red Vines - "Be Vine" (4.49)
    Cute little gifts for the girls in your life!
    Dark chocolate dipped red vines wrapped in pink heart packaging
  • Foil Embossed Card (1.99)
    Mini blank greeting cards, locally designed and printed, are available regularly for you to write a quick personal note and tuck it into the sleeve/ribbon on our boxes.

Specials below not available for pre-order and will be stocked in the shop on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Chocolate Covered Heart Oreos (2.99)
    Dark chocolate covered Oreos with heart designs
  • Solid Chocolate Hearts (1.99)
    Dark solid chocolate heart shapes
  • "Single - Wild - Free" (FREE)
    A SINGLE dark chocolate Sangria liqueur truffle in our 1pc box available only for singles 21 years and older. This special one is absolutely FREE for you because we want to show YOU some love! Begins Thursday, 2/1 – Wednesday, 2/14.
  1. Come into our shop
  2. Take a pic in front of our IG wall with your “Single - Wild - Free” box
  3. Follow @chocolehawaii on Instagram
  4. Post your pic and tag the end of your caption with @chocoleahawaii and hashtag #singlewildfree
  5. Enjoy your chocolate

Chinese New Year Gau Truffles
Pre-orders begin Thursday, 2/1 and end Saturday, 2/10.
Pick up on Thursday 2/15, Friday 2/16 or Saturday, 2/17.
*Pre-orders recommended since we sell out of this one every year!

  • 9pc Fresh Gau Truffles  (21.99) 
  • 18pc Fresh Gau Truffles (39.99)


Girl's Day Mochi Truffles
Pre-orders begin Tuesday, 2/20 and end Saturday, 2/24.
Pick up on Thursday 3/1, Friday 3/2 or Saturday, 3/3.
*Pre-orders recommended since we sell out of this one every year!

  • 9pc Original Mochi Truffles  (21.99) 
  • 18pc Strawberry (6), Blueberry (6) & Original (6) Moch Truffles (39.99)

Dates to Remember:
Thursday, 2/1: Valentine's & Gau Special Pre-orders OPEN
Friday, 2/2 & Saturday, 2/3: FYI Punahou carnival down the road
Saturday, 2/10: Valentine's & Gau Special Pre-orders CLOSE
Thursday, 2/8 - Wednesday, 2/14: Valentine's Pre-order pick up dates
Monday, 2/12: Shop OPEN special for Valentine's Day 9:00am - 6:30pm
Wednesday, 2/14: VALENTINE'S DAY
Thursday, 2/15 - Saturday, 2/17: Gau Pre-order pick up dates
Friday, 2/16: CHINESE NEW YEAR
Tuesday, 2/20: Girl's Day Pre-orders OPEN
Saturday, 2/24: Girl's Day Pre-orders CLOSE

eGift Cards
eGift Cards -  Don't have time to pick up a gift from us in Manoa? We are happy to announce that you may now send eGift cards starting at just $1.  It's quick and simple to send someone sweet wishes of "Happy New Year!!" Congratulations!" "Happy Birthday!" or simply, "Thinking of You" + a little message instantly to their email!

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We're opening up our hearts and sharing with all of you the journey of small family business in Hawai`i! We'll be posting the why behind the work and the more personal side of Choco le`a via this new Instagram account. Follow to find out the thought process and fun behind the scenes of @chocoleahawaii.

New year cooler promo

New year cooler promo

blank foil embossed mini card

blank foil embossed mini card

gift cards and egift cards available!

gift cards and egift cards available!

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